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Within these species occurred, in decrescent order, D.
In group one dominated: (highest IV, in decrescent order) D.
7%) were found with density major than 50 individuals/ha (in decrescent order): Myrcia oblongata DC, Sebastiana brasiliensis Spreng.
Panelists: Alf Clausen, composer; James Gunn, writer-director; Bob Townsend, prexy, Varese Sarabande Records; Sandy DeCrescent, music contractor Moderator: Dennis Dreith, composer/administrator, Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund
On the other side of Hall is Al DeCrescent, Rudy Vallee's old pianist.
Nearby, DeCrescent, who broke into vaudeville playing the piano at silent movies and later worked with Jimmy Durante, is listening to Happy Hall tell everyone that it seems to him the time may be ripe for a comeback.