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Thus, the first third of the book is an intellectual history from Plato and Aristotle through William of Ockham, Gratian, and the Decretalists to contemporary philosophers such as Oliver O'Donovan and Stanley Hauerwas.
The later Decretists, Decretalists, and theologians, including Aquinas, all drew on Gratian's text to develop their just war ideas.
Brundage, "Impotence, Frigidity and Marital Nullity in the Decretists and the Early Decretalists," Proceedings of the Seventh International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, ed, Peter Linehan (Vatican: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, 1988): 407-423.
Arquilliere, Walter Ullmann and others, made the claim that conciliar theory, far from being a reaction against canonistic views or an importation of secular constitutionalist ideas on to ecclesiastical soil, was in fact the logical outgrowth of canonistic thought itself, reflecting a subtle and complex amalgam of older Decretist discussions of the case of the heretical pope and the subsequent attempts of generations of Decretalists to rationalize in terms of corporation law the structure of both the individual churches of Christendom and of the universal church itself.