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" However, the swap ratio close to 9: 1 appears to be ' value' decretive for the shareholders of Mahindra Satyam and ' value' accretive for the shareholders of Tech Mahindra," he added.
No matter how decretive or creative traditional business cards have become very few people save them.
Last November, two of the vessels were detained--the Decretive in Hong Kong and the Dandle in Malta--at the request of banks.
The "perfection of what Christ did" is unilinear, moving without deflection from decretive beginning to blessed end; and though the fiat of the decree bespeaks an absence of temporal succession, the covenant discharges a "value" that pardons the sins of the elect from the Crucifixion back to Adam, and then onwards "until the end of the world." Christ wages war on sin, the "defeat" of which God "inflicts" on him, thus making the theater of operation--at least for the elect--a silent front.
(121) This runs its decretive course in an eternal court of record (122)--an austere place for the intimacies of spiritual romance, far removed from Sibbes's "garden of spices" or Preston's conjugal site of "transfusion." Crisp shared lineaments of a spirituality with Sibbes and Preston.
The Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) flatly denied Friday that any IRISL ship had been detained in Hong Kong--but unfortunately Hong Kong had already officially announced that IRISL's container ship Decretive had been detained for more than a month.
The newspaper said two of the five ships, Dandle and Decretive, were detained in Malta and Hong Kong last month.