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The relevant portions from Gratian's Decretum are Causa XXIII, Questio Vand Questio VIII.
Through the standard texts such as Gratian's Decretum, they had some knowledge of canonical law, including the great ecumenical councils but also local councils, even appealing to lesser known councils such as the Second Council of Braga (572).
Besides, there are two thousand passages in the Decretum which forbid the acceptance of this passage; for example, that where the words of Melchiades, which I have cited above, are given.
Papal approval for this was granted in a decretum laudis in 1867.
The most important section concerning warfare in the Decretum is Causa 23, which includes a broad selection of Augustinian texts and solidified the stamp of Augustine on the tradition.
In Canon Law, Gratian's Decretum (or Concordance of Disconcordant Canons), completed by ca.
Esso compare esplicitamente, mi sembra per la prima volta, a proposito del Decretum Nurembergense (1523).
Steven DeVine finds equity in Gratian's Decretum (compiled around
He once told a friend, "In New York a person 'feels the waves of human life all around, as it really is, not as it ought to be according to the decretum absolutum of an old theology.
The most important component is the Decretum Gratiani, or Decree of Gratian, published in 1140.
Both Gratian's Decretum and Peter Lombard's Sententiae were divided into distinctiones.
So in the Decretum de sanctissimo eucharisriae sacramento (1551) the fathers of the Council of Trent write, "post [.