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There are those who love the thing and cry for more, and there are those decriers who threaten to throw up if they see one more articles about this archaic clunker.
What is illuminating (NFL decriers take note) is the imbalance across the markets.
One minute he is sitting in the director's chair (he would hate that phrase and probably never allows himself the luxury of sitting) at Glyndebourne, surely the epitome of what opera lovers would call high art and decriers would call elitism.
Such calls are frequent and occasionally frenetic by pundits and decriers of capitalism, both inside and outside the economics profession.
Politicians and religious figures would be derelict in their hypocritical harrying of their constituencies if they did not decry photos and sculpture pieces, performances and poems of what they consider evil and uncivil aspect; but so many of these same decriers are conspicuously silent on the subject of real brutality, which is usually inconveniently caught in a web of trade policies and balances of political power among nations.