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If he disputes the argument, he should at least disqualify himself from practising that which he decries, so that his readers might have confidence in his ability to report proceedings accurately.
The dark church on Good Friday is filled with the self-debasing resentment Nietzsche decries.
In the process of detailing the science behind his ideas, the author also decries his opponents and shares his travails in getting his controversial theory before his peers and the public.
He decries the sameness of schools, and the relentless testing called for in No Child Left Behind.
Wills wants a reformed and democratized Catholicism and repeatedly decries the "structures of deceit" which for so long have been such a notable feature of papal power politics and centralized authoritarianism.
Unfortunately, Leach is so focused on the thing, he is blinded to its effects, seduced by the (lavishly illustrated) images he decries into a focus too narrow.
Edward Wimberly of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta decries the uncritical attachment of African-American church leaders to Clinton, "settling" for "leaders who cannot, in their private and public behavior, meet our expectations.
At the same time, he is often too narrow, too exclusive - preparing for his critics and readers the procrustean bed he decries.
Additionally, in a New York Times op-ed piece, not titled "Deconstructing Larry," Kramer decries the silence of the lesbians, whom he thinks should be monitoring gay men's sexual lives.
Kennet rightly decries theAmerican replacement system that kept divisions in combat for protracted periods during which they were ground up by attrition.
Organization Decries Divisive Tactics against Members of Congress, Diplomats, and Businesses-