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But the picture that Wu decries as caricature in Yellow is consistent with the experiences of many people-for example, most of my Cambodian, Korean, and East Indian friends.
Columnist Charles Kaiser decries the fact that "thousands of decent priests are now living under a cloud" because of the mishandling of the sexual scandal [Last Word, May 28].
Right,'' replies Beatty, who today decries the influence of money in politics, and champions free airtime for candidates.
He also decries "the mechanized pursuit of wildlife.
The Chief Justice decries rampant incompetence, while the profession seems to return the compliment.
Like Roosevelt before her, Cook is a politically passionate woman who decries "the lack of social justice in these mean-spirited times.
Like many other allegedly deep thinkers in the area of health care, Callahan decries the growing percentage of the U.
Calling for "a new conservatism of the heart," Buchanan decries such business practices: "We have obligations to each other.
She decries those who would cut the nation's social safety net at a time when jobs and careers no longer are secure.