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This search brought Serralongue, in turn, to Korea, where he made portraits of the writer Kim Sung-Ok and the filmmaker Park Kwang-Su, artists whose works decry the crimes of capitalism.
The renowned rocket scientist Vasant Gowariker urged that Indians should not decry the nation's achievements nor be pessimistic about the future of the country.
MD, Florida Medical Association president, is quoted in the article "Doctors decry mandatory hospitalists," American Medical News, May 24/31, 1999, page 19: "We oppose any efforts to take patients away from physicians involuntarily.
A growing number of outdoor sportsmen (and, increasingly, women) say there is, and they decry the tendency to lump all hunters together as thrill killers motivated by bloodlust.
The Declaration goes on to decry the debasement of public trust and ethical norms which the President's behavior is believed to have engendered, going so far as to claim that the crisis raised the question of "whether the moral basis of the constitutional system itself will be lost.
I do not decry the importance of understanding other faiths.
Also, you show no images of the Citta Nuova, which you decry as largely Fascist.
Yet Wu doesn't just decry the model minority myth as misleading.
Even well-intentioned gays who are quick to decry being stereotyped on the basis of their sexuality seem to thrill at the opportunity to define others on this very basis.
They record the state of the city now, decry the vile destructions and offer hope.