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BEIRUT: The Palestinian People's Initiative organized a symbolic march through the streets of the Ain al-Hilweh camp Sunday, decrying the diminished level of aid supplied by the UN.
After decrying wind farms, they state that architects stuff insulation into new houses to calm their consciences, but it has minimal effect as new houses are such a small percentage of the whole.
State Department issued a statement decrying the Moscow court's ruling.
Lo and behold: Now the pundits at home and abroad are decrying the failure of the Japanese educational system.
Bottom line, decrying the state of journalism because daily newspapers are in decline is like decrying transportation in the early 20th century because railroads were then in decline: It was only depressing if you failed to notice all of the new automobiles and airplanes.
Hundreds of members of the former Ethiopian immigrant community, including students, demonstrated outside the Tzemach School in Ashdod Wednesday, decrying the policies of "racism and apartheid.
But just as she was decrying the lack of federal intervention and berated the industry for blaming riders for many accidents, her time was up.
His triumphs were especially sweet in the face of Hitler's decrying of African-Americans as the "alien race.
Because infants are at increased risk of problems ranging from simple breast-feeding troubles to life-threatening intestinal blockages, the American Academy of Pediatrics last week issued a statement decrying "drive-thru deliveries.
Summary: A child advocacy organization is decrying the recent decision by the Education Ministry to exclude non-Lebanese students from a free textbook distribution program.