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Decrypts SQL Server objects directly from SQL Server Management Studio
Then the broker decrypts the digital signature with the investor's public key, at which point the digital signature becomes a message digest.
In this case, even if an unauthorized person knows the algorithm, that person could not decrypt a message without the key (which can be different for each message).
For example, public-key cryptosystems often take slightly different amounts of time to decrypt different messages.
Using the previously mentioned smartcard, an external card reader and the Recovery Tool, we were able to securely decrypt the disk.
It would incorporate a "front door" through which properly authorized government officials could readily decrypt intercepted messages for reasons of law enforcement or national security.
Of course, all this data is encrypted when it is sent into the ether, but an enterprising villain might figure out a way to steal the data and then decrypt it later, or, more ominously, instruct the phone to decrypt the data before it is sent.
When new keys are used for each session, eavesdroppers or snoopers cannot use old keys to decrypt new messages.