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Finally, 72 patients (male, n = 24; female, n = 48; age, 23–77 years) (ASA Grade I and II) scheduled for elective nonobstetric surgery in the lateral decubitus position requiring tracheal intubation under general anesthesia were enrolled in this study.
Despite the general recommendation for bed rest in the lateral decubitus position and use of a pelvic girdle for SPD, some women were allowed to be mobile on the 1st day after labor, depending on their symptoms [4,7,13,20,23], and use of a pelvic girdle was discouraged for some women [3,23-25,27].
Before the procedure, patients were placed in the lateral decubitus position with the pleural effusion uppermost.
From a dorsal decubitus position, the pedal is pushed with counter-resistance (alternately 2 x 10 repetitions with the injured limb);
Success rate, decubitus position and vagal reflex during high thoracic epidural for coronary artery surgery.
Also following a posterior approach, with the leg in a flexed and internally rotated position, operative access to the lateral cortex of the femoral shaft is difficult and the use of intraoperative screening in the lateral decubitus position is awkward.
The patient must be optimally resuscitated, with induction performed in the lateral decubitus position, thus avoiding direct suction of the tonsillar bed.
For the lateral retroperitoneal (or flank) approach, patient is placed in the lateral decubitus position as described in case of lateral transperitoneal approach.
The pregnant patient should be placed in the left lateral decubitus position, with her right hip elevated, to minimize interference with venous return.
CT scanning in the decubitus position encourages the muscle to bulge forward, providing improved visualisation of the muscle.
Under fluoroscopic monitoring with an image intensifier positioned vertical to the leg to be operated on in the lateral decubitus position (or horizontal in case of neutral decubitus position of the leg), the grid easily permits localization with a single fluoroscopy image of both locking screw holes of the endomedullary nail (Fig.