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Karachi -- PTI, Member Sindh Assembly, Syed Hafez Uddin has urged the students to study here dedicatedly and on completion of their education served their own country rather than going abroad for personal gains, if we remained failed to stop brain drain in future; it would be very difficult for us to obtain goals of socio economic development in future.
He was dedicatedly defending the rights and honour of his motherland, while you were treacherously killing the peace of the land which has been providing for all your needs since birth.
Badal asked department officials to work dedicatedly for the routing out of cancer from the state.
Born in Budapest to Umrao Singh Sher- Gil Majithia, a literature- loving Sikh aristocrat and Marie Antoinette Gottesmann, a Hungarian Jewish Opera singer, Amrita's legacy has been kept alive by many who have dedicatedly archived the family's history.
The company dedicatedly works to make sure that client's property needs are met, no matter what they may be.
Director Kate Brown has worked marvels with her disparate forces, all dedicatedly responsive to Brad Cohen's authoritative and enthusiastic conducting of them and the expert Birmingham Contemporary Music Group.
No doubt, the sanitary workers participated in the operation clean-up and performed their duties dedicatedly and honestly, he said.
On the occasion, Provincial Scholors Task Force (PSTF) president Maulana Hussain Ahmad talked about the work of Ulema in this nobel cause and he assured that Ulema would play their key role dedicatedly in creating awareness in the community regarding health issues.
As part of the new agreement, both the companies will work together dedicatedly to find new project sites.
It is now up the general public to ask for government information and commitedness of the PIOs to dedicatedly work on providing information to the applicants within the legally stipulated time period" he said while informing the participants about the newly developed Webportal for PIOs.
Our group size, to begin with, will be dedicatedly limited as we intend to execute the tour in a safe environment and focus on personal attention to customers," he added.
Abdul Kalam has appealed to school children to work dedicatedly in the field of science and technology.