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Flanked by thousands of jubilant citizens from both sides of the road, the Presidents convoy came to a complete standstill at some point; something that led to a major delay to the Liberian leaders participation in the dedicatory program in Bomi.
As to prefatory texts, such as dedicatory epistles, poems, prologues and also glosses and commentaries, they became, throughout the 16th century, the proper vehicle for scholarly disputatio on poetic and rhetorical issues.
In his famed dedicatory tribute in the First Folio, Jonson asserted that his friend more than matched:
AVERROES, The Book of the Decisive Treatise Determining the Connection Between the Law and Wisdom & Epistle Dedicatory, tr.
While our calendars may seem saturated by dedicatory weeks such as this, for training providers such as ACT at the coal-face of the employment market, it's a key time to stop and think about how to promote the opportunities they provide to ensure young people recognise the employment options available to them.
For this purpose, the Greek original is compared with the Latin versions of Pilatus and Griffolini, who, in his dedicatory epistle, criticises Pilatus for his technique.
Washington, Aug 09 ( ANI ): The Guatemalan government has revealed that archaeologists have found an "extraordinary" Mayan frieze which is richly decorated with images of deities and rulers and a long dedicatory inscription.
His dedicatory poem for the project, “The Long Shot,” was subsequently reproduced in bronze and installed in the park, and was included in the 2008 anthology Literary Nevada: Writings from the Silver State (University of Nevada Press).
The texts themselves are divided into sections on bilinguals, funerary and commemorative inscriptions, building inscriptions, dedicatory inscriptions, and miscellanea.
In this final period of the site's significant occupation, the main place of worship was still located atop the ancient Assur temple and Aramaic dedicatory inscriptions found therein indicate that the most important cultic festivals known from the cuneiform texts continued to be celebrated-800 years after the fall of Assyria (pp.
While including such volumes may be a defensible policy, the further broadening of the category to accommodate all books containing any kind of supposed connection with royalty suggests that the defining criterion is unhelpfully broad: "a book may be identified as royal because it contains a dedicatory inscription, a note of royal ownership, royal heraldic devices or mottos, an image of a contemporary king or queen, or any one of numerous pointers to a royal aspect to its history" (pp.
Ideally, Parameters will help fulfill the charge made by Secretary of War Elihu Root in his 1903 dedicatory address when he called upon the College to garner ".