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BEIRUT: An analyst who works with the prosecution, Matthew Barrington, testified at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon Thursday about the process by which he deduced the times various events occurred on the afternoon former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated.
Addressing a press conference in connection with World Malaria Day here, the DG Health said that he had finalized PC-I as Rs245 million for allocating in the budget to control malaria, but the government deduced the amount and approved Rs134 million for controlling malaria.
But the scientists have deduced that they are orbiting their stars so closely that their 'year' lasts less than two days.
Infiltration of the cancer can be deduced by the proliferation of blood cells in the gastrointestinal mucous membranes.
Just as the existence of Pluto was deduced from the orbits of other planets, so too do the difficulties that plague Alan's life point to a central issue he hasn't fully dealt with--the death of his mother two years ago.
Fossils of a humanlike species dubbed Homo floresiensis that lived on the Pacific island of Flores between 18,000 and 12,000 years ago recently grabbed headlines because scientists deduced that this creature stood no more than 1 meter tall and possessed a surprisingly small brain.
The conformity of the deduced value with the observed value is described below.
Students, however, do not seem to notice the importance of clusters as evidently as that of semi-technical collocations (as deduced from comments in class).
The billboards--four, five, or six are cut out and pasted on top of each other--are intended for distribution around cities in Germany, Austria, and England; their origin can be deduced from the truncated ads and their frames, which are standardized in each country as wallpaper for public space.
tuberculosis isolates from San Francisco were deduced from the unique genomic sequences deleted fromeach isolate.