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Conditional reasoning processes and conditional probabilities Although three of the four problems used in this set were not entirely logically deducible, the instructions given for the Mastermind game emphasized the importance of logical deduction.
151y 152), se hace posible establecer relaciones entre ambas que de otro modo serian engorrosas e inciertas: es posible determinar si T1 y T2 son logicamente equivalentes, esto es, si los axiomas de T1 son deducibles de los axiomas de T2 y viceversa, y si los terminos primitivos de TI son definibles mediante los de T2 y viceversa; tambien se puede decidir si T1 es reductible a T2, esto es si los axiomas de T1 son deducibles de los de T2 pero no a la inversa; si T1 es una extension de T2, esto es, si contiene los axiomas de T2 y agrega otros nuevos.
La base fiscal de un pasivo coincide con el valor contable del pasivo menos cualquier importe que resulte deducible fiscalmente respecto de tal partida en ejercicios futuros.
(10) La contribucion al Plan de Pensiones del sistema de empleo que realiza el promotor se interpreta como una retribucion en especie a sus trabajadores y, por tanto, gasto deducible en el impuesto personal que grava su renta.
From the inception of its business in 1950, and until 1979, N buried hazardous waste on its land in accordance with then-applicable state, Federal and local environmental laws; it accounted for waste disposal costs as a deducible business expense under Sec.
It was not deducible from those facts that the administration of the Phenergan was, in fact, the proximate cause of the plaintiffs injury.
It is clear, I hope, from our analysis that besides these there cannot be any other mental framework that is deducible directly from our scientific activity.
Tim Reed's in-form Moss Kennels livery yard sent out Blyth Brook to land a Newcastle Hunter Chase 12 days ago and Faster Sweep looked like following suit at Kelso two days later until being collared close home by Dr Deducible. He saddled Sam Byrne in the Confined Race and the seven-year-old has the look of the day's banker.
El argumento basado en el principio de causalidad parte del supuesto de que un estado del mundo B esta determinado por una estado anterior del mundo, A, si B es deducible de A mediante leyes naturales; cosa que no hace el argumento basado en la bivalencia logica.
Incorrect understanding of elementary actualities has become something of a malodorous proclivity with this dissembling pretender who entwines factuality by incurvating colloquy beyond any deducible signification.
"In reviewing the circuit court's decision to strike the plaintiffs evidence, we must consider the evidence and all reasonable inferences deducible therefrom in the light most favorable to the plaintiff.
Second, the conception of natural law changed from something God-given and deducible by reason to something that operated in an independent natural realm and could be arrived at by induction, like the laws of science.