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That which may be taken away or subtracted. In taxation, an item that may be subtracted from gross income or adjusted gross income in determining taxable income (e.g., interest expenses, charitable contributions, certain taxes).

The portion of an insured loss to be borne by the insured before he or she is entitled to recovery from the insurer.

Automotive insurance policies frequently include a deductible, such as $250 or $500, which the insured must pay before receiving reimbursement under the policy. Usually, the insured motorist chooses among several levels of deductible, with the policy payment being somewhat lower when the insured chooses a higher deductible.

Many types of insurance policies include a deductible amount.

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Cat4Home is a supplemental insurance policy available to residential homeowners in Florida and covers 100 percent of the hurricane deductible, generally seen as 1 percent to 5 percent of the value of their home.
In addition to deductibles, Brady said co-insurance provisions are another important and similar item business owners should take into consideration.
Maybe you like low deductibles because you want to avoid a situation in which you might have to come up with a significant amount of cash to cover the deductible if you have a health issue.
Applicable deductible, per the Property Declarations page, is $1,000.
The ACA bears much responsibility for the high deductibles. The law's multiple mandates on insurers have driven the cost of coverage up.
Analysts found that, in the 10 states they studied, only 28 percent of the silver exchange plans require patients to meet their deductibles before getting coverage for primary care provider office visits.
The Kaiser Family Foundation analysis finds that most families don't have enough assets to cover a mid-to higher-range deductible in a private health insurance plan.
Applying hurricane deductibles is not the only deductible issue.
Homeowners and commercial property owners often don't understand how a property, policy works in relation to the deductible specified in the coverage.
Our district introduced a deductible for emergency room care, increased the annual deductible for health insurance, and increased the prescription medication co-pays.
We have a friendly argument regarding the application of two deductibles for a single loss.
As a result, he has not purchased the special credit card reader that would indicate deductibles, or instituted a strict collection policy that experts warn is essential in the CDHP age.