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For this reason, Descartes actually calls the demonstration of God an intuitus, instead of a deductio.
2008): "Una lastra 'campana' en Cordoba: Assinius Pollio, el auguraculum y la deductio de Colonia Patricia".
The store hasn't announced specific deductio just yet, but shoppers still have free shipping to look forward to and Macy's cardholders will get up to 20% off in additional discounts during checkout.
The performance bond will be set up under option winning Bidder, by a guarantee instrument issued under the law by a banking company or an insurance company, or through successive deductio
Maybe the necropolis corresponding to the republican city--situated on the highest part of the hill--was set on its southern flank, between the wall and the river; after Augustus' deductio this area would be absorbed into the new urban precinct, which would mean that its use as a cemetery would then be entirely annulled.
2011 Bloomberg Favor Oppose The deductio n for mortgage interest 49% 45% The benefits for education expenses 49 48 The deductio n for charitable contributions 48 47 The benefits for child care expenses 46 50 The exclusio n of employer-paid health insurance premiums from your taxable in come 39 54
Concluia la deductio con la entrada en la casa de la esposa, que debia evitar pisar el umbral para no provocar la pedis offensio (12).
una segunda deductio en la colonia con veteranos procedentes de las guerras Cantabras.
cuestion que se debe poner en relacion con el proceso de colonizacion y aculturacion romana del ambito de las Columnas ejercido a traves de iniciativas como la deductio de la Colonia Libertinorum Carteia (171 a.
Of central importance is the medieval distinction between proprietas (the six-note segment of the gamut) and deductio (the attached set of syllables).
Like Charite and Psyche, (8) Lucius also undergoes a deductio (11,15,9--a procession escorts him to his new home), linked, through the theme of marriage, to his initiation into the unknown.
But it remained for Hempel and Oppenheim to point out the bidirectional properties of this explanatory model, in the sense that taking the direction of the deductio n to the conclusion may yield prediction (or retrodiction), whereas looking back from the conclusion on the completed deduction may provide the explanatory power.