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2) - (4) shall apply accordingly; or or - through successive deductio
Of central importance is the medieval distinction between proprietas (the six-note segment of the gamut) and deductio (the attached set of syllables).
theorists continued to refer to the six syllables as a deductio, not a hexachordum--that is to say, as a 'virtual segment' devised as an aid to musical memory, rather than as a portion of the scale made of concrete sounds" (p.
Like Charite and Psyche, (8) Lucius also undergoes a deductio (11,15,9--a procession escorts him to his new home), linked, through the theme of marriage, to his initiation into the unknown.
5 Lameer argues cogently against translating qiyas al-khalf as either deductio per impossibile or deductio ad impossibile, and proposes the neutral "deduction involving a contradiction" (pp.