deed done

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A deed done is irrevocable, and its result coinciding in time with the actions of millions of other men assumes an historic significance.
I feel now like a man who has redeemed a failing reputation and shed luster upon a dimmed escutcheon, by a single just deed done at the eleventh hour.
The first dawn of comfort came to him in swearing to himself that he would stand by that boy through thick and thin, and cheer him, and help him, and bear his burdens for the good deed done that night.
But be assured, brave Outlaw, that no deed done in our absence, and in the turbulent times to which it hath given rise, shall be remembered to thy disadvantage.
The German Scholar Frederic Christian Bolhmer said one deed done earnestly was far better than wasteful whirlpool of stray thoughts emanating from nothing and leading nowhere.
A reward is given to compensate a good deed done by the recipient, as when a passenger rewards a taxi driver for returning her money that she had unintentionally left in the cab.
Our good deed done, we sent him on his way - and headed home to warm up by the fire.
For every person that lays their eyes on the picture above considers it to be a terrible deed done to an extremely young child.
While the rapper is still in jail, whoever runs his page took time to give fans an update and revealed a generous deed done by the artist.
I don't mean I needed to bolt up to Gretna Green and get the deed done right then and there.
You could see people competing with each other to do good deeds because Allah has promised multiple rewards for any good deed done in Ramadan.
The textbook's narrative dressed up dictatorial rule as a benevolent deed done to solve the nation's ills, saying this completely negates the history of untold abuses caused by the concentration of economic and political power in one man, Anakbayan said.