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To hold; consider; adjudge; believe; condemn; determine; treat as if; construe.

To deem is to consider something as having certain characteristics. If an act is deemed a crime by law, then it is held to be a crime. If someone is deemed liable for damages, then he or she will have to pay them.


verb account, adjudge, adopt an opinion, assume, be inclined to think, be of the opinion, be under the impression, believe, believe on consideration, call, conceive, conclude, consider, decide, determine, embrace an opinion, esteem, feel, form a judgment, form an opinion, have an opinion, have the impression, hazard an opinion, hold, hold an opinion, hold in belief, imagine, judge, look upon, opine, perceive, presume, pronounce judgment, regard, suppose, surmise, suspect, take for, take it to be, think, view as
Associated concepts: deemed advisable, deemed to be in the best interests of the child
See also: adjudge, adjudicate, conclude, decide, deduce, deduct, guess, judge, opine, presume, presuppose, regard, surmise, suspect, think
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AMP Technical Strategy Manager John Perri said: 'Pensioners will have two reasons to smile in September with the scheduled increase to the pension coinciding with the deeming rate cuts.
The higher deeming rate is being reduced by 25 basis points to 3.00 per cent for singles with financial investments over $51,200 and couples with financial investments over $86,200.
The US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS) deeming authority allows DNV GL to accredit hospitals to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programmes, the two largest revenue streams for hospitals and other healthcare providers in the United States.
Additionally, the deeming authority extension and renewal followed extensive meetings between CMS and DNV GL officials, including an onsite visit to DNV GL's US headquarters to evaluate its staffing and resources.
It is hoped descendants of Deeming, who had 11 siblings, may still live on Merseyside and can provide a DNA sample to see if it matches that of the skull, and solve the mystery once and for all.
Kelly, executed in 1880, and Deeming, hanged in 1892, were buried alongside each other in Old Melbourne Gaol.
After a spell in prison for a swindle in a jewellery shop, Deeming rejoined his family, now in Rainhill, in July 1891 and rented a house under the name of Albert Williams.
The Joint Commission and other accrediting bodies already apply to CMS for deeming authority in other areas, such as home care programs.
The report concludes that for deeming of nursing homes:
Under the new deeming rates part-pensioners will receive an average increase in their payments of $3.20 a fortnight, $83.20 a year, Minister Morrison said.
Offshore drilling contractor Transocean Ltd (NYSE:RIG) (SIX:RIGN) reported on Monday the appointment of Nick Deeming as senior vice president, general counsel and assistant corporate secretary of the company, effective 7 February 2011.
The deeming rule does not apply if the related non-resident or foreign affiliate that is a member of the partnership is a "specified member" of the partnership.