deep attention

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John Jasper stands looking down upon him, his unlighted pipe in his hand, for some time, with a fixed and deep attention. Then, hushing his footsteps, he passes to his own room, lights his pipe, and delivers himself to the Spectres it invokes at midnight.
The cousin and Sancho Panza listened with deep attention to the words of Don Quixote, who uttered them as though with immense pain he drew them up from his very bowels.
And here he proceeded to give a particular account of his sport, and the respective traits of prowess evinced by the badger and the dogs; my mother pretending to listen with deep attention, and watching his animated countenance with a degree of maternal admiration I thought highly disproportioned to its object.
This she proceeded to do, and finding that Mr Willet's eyes were fixed upon her with an appearance of deep attention, gradually addressed the whole of her discourse to him, whom she entertained with a moral and theological lecture of considerable length, in the conviction that great workings were taking place in his spirit.
"Your ears are cheats," returned the old man, who, from the moment his own organs had been able to catch the distant sounds, stood like a statue made to represent deep attention:--"the leaps are too long for the buffaloe, and too regular for terror.
Miss Temple was so much struck by the deep attention of young Edwards during this speech that she forgot to resume her interrogations; but the youth himself continued the discourse by asking:
Holmes walked slowly up and down the ill-trimmed lawn and examined with deep attention the outsides of the windows.
While addressing on this occasion, Abdul Jabbar Bhatti Project Director Azme Naujawan, Deen Muhammad Shaikh Deputy Director Social Welfare Department Shikarpur, Punhal Sario the Provincial President Rwadari Tehreek Sindh, Madam Nighat Mangi and many other scholars and intellectuals have said that the Youth Community was the back bone of the Country and Country could not be succeeded to bring the developments in the Country without the improvement in Youth power because of here is the 65 percent of the total population in the Country, their for the Government of time should pay deep attention towards the participation of Youth Community in public and private sector to achieve the goal to overcome the outstanding problems.
The book proceeds in a logical manner and the topics covered in the book capture the deep attention of the reader.
Every minister, ministerial-level leader must attach deep attention to fulfillment of your tasks, said PM Phuc.
Katherine Hayles, an English professor at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), has written about the change she sees in students as one from "deep attention", a state of single-minded absorption that can last for hours, to one of "hyper attention", which jumps from target to target, preferring to skim the surface of lots of different things than to probe the depths of just one.
While the present Federal Government should pay deep attention towards the people's welfare and the reduction of poverty as well as the control over the price hike which were the basic needs of the people if the Government was sincere to do so, said the Minister.