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I extend to you my condolences and consolation of all the employees of the council who also share the deep pain with you.
Clarke spoke of Hughes' parents and family and said: "We share in the deep pain that you're feeling.
Whether it is a friend, family member or co-worker, their attitude, or rather our perception of their attitude towards us causes deep pain.
In his weekly blog, Mata wrote about the deep pain he felt at being part of the defeat, which leaves United 12th in the Premier League after five matches.
Like those books, though, this work shuns the guilt and judgment that spring so easily from perfectionism; the ultimate message is one of hope, acceptance, and inherent beauty, even in deep pain.
Speaking at a conference, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated he feels deep pain for the killed soldiers and they will continue to expand their offensive in Gaza until the security is ensured.
After experiencing deep pain and failure in relationships with several women, Prem, the young man has decided to quit life by jumping from a mountain cliff.
She suggested that the nerve deficits in patients' skin could reflect systemic nerve damage that causes the deep pain that fibromyalgia patients have in muscles, tendons, and joints.
As press-service of the president reported, the telegrams say in particular: "I learnt with deep pain about the Boeing 737
In rehearsal, Eiry and Richard do things I wouldn't have thought possible, switching from comedy to deep pain on the turn of a heel," said Britton.
She started crying like hell as if there was a deep pain in her heart.
Sometimes it is my own deep pain for the loss of someone I knew, loved and respected.

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