deep seated

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These approaches can be used if the tumor is localized or not very deep seated or has spread very little.
Deep seated subgrade failures, pavement failures, broken edges, poor alignmentRealign as required, remove and replace deep seated weak subgrade material, replace failed pavement, widen where required, stabilise and seal.Total cost of proposed project is $450,000
He has deep seated issues that have never been dealt with JOE BROLLY ON LATEST KEANE CONTROVERSY
The aim of present study was to evaluate the effectiveness of image guided FNAC in case of deep seated lesions, which will avoid unnecessary hospitalization and other invasive diagnostic procedures as well as help clinician to decide the further management.
The aspirations of deep seated lesions were performed from November 2008 to July 2010 under image guidance in 161 patients attending the tertiary level hospital.
A total 169 FNAC of deep seated lesions were done under image guidance.
"This was a well developed and deep seated fire within the pile of scrap metal and scrap cars."
On arrival they found a deep seated smouldering fire involving big bales of fibre glass.
Law adds that the survey can help create "deep seated changes" in an institution.
(ENI)--A long-awaited Vatican statement said that persons with "deep seated homosexual tendencies" should not under any circumstances become Roman Catholic priests.
Camille's own demons come to the fore when she least expects them, as she tries to integrate herself into her fiance's aristocratic southern life, full of centuries-old plantations and a deep seated racial history.
While daily headlines face us with the gory details of the cost of human conflict--whether it stems from unhealed history, economic injustice, or deep seated prejudice--and other voices decry the purposelessness and self-indulgence of young people, this small and little known programme sends a steady stream of young men and women out into the world to bring healing.