deep seated

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The methodology is particularly applicable for treating deep seated and small tumors in sensitive areas of the brain.
This method of analysis detects elemental concentrations of accessory minerals associated with deep seated gold targets.
Oil-bearing reservoirs are deep seated and include hypersaline and thermal environments which are conducive to the growth of halophilic and thermophilic Bacteria and Archaea.
addition, deep seated inflation expectations are likely to
The latest discovery has confirmed once again the recent observation of deep seated feeder dykes controlling kimberlite emplacement in the region.
The second, deep seated copper-gold mineralization in the Springer Zone.
The joint venture has drilled a total of 15 holes this year into a tertiary sedimentary - volcanic sequence which showed an increase in the deep seated volcanic component towards the north.
The morphology of grains, commonly preserved reaction rims and proximity to deep seated structures, all point to a local source.
Such sampling is popular today when seismic shows that deep seated faults reach the surface.
Certain conditions exacerbated Ice's deep seated psychological pre-disposition for violence," explains Noelker.
The deep seated sulphide target of the Bilbao skarn system is represented by silver values grading to 100 g/t, zinc up to 4%, and lead from 2-14%.
This property has several untested deep seated targets that warrant further drilling.