deep study

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So it is, but imagination based on deep study. I have made use of all I know or can surmise logically regarding this strange race.
'I was thinking,' she returned, coming out of a deep study, 'what I would do to Him, if he should turn out a drunkard.'
Market Research Future with their unique quality of simplifying the market research study, announces a deep study report on "Global Anti-Viral Drugs Market Research Report- Forecast to 2022" Gives industry size, top players and worldwide demand
The Chief Minister has instructed Minister Sri Dayakar Rao to have extensive discussions and a deep study on what duties and responsibilities should be given to Gram Panchayats, Mandal Parishads, Zilla Parishads, what kind of responsibilities to be given to them on what issues to what extent.
He has earned this awe with hard work, deep study, a lucid vision and, above all, a point of view which is independent and has evolved over the years through research and reflection.
(Any fellow who can merchandise classic Irish-Catholic melancholia into global fame, free golf and carefree fortune is worthy of deep, deep study.) ...
Senate President Protempore Ralph Recto and Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri, however, said the Senate is not inclined to pass any new tax bills as these will require deep study and long debates.
Our policy-makers should go in for a deep study of the Industrial Revolution, especially as it happened in Britain.
In addition, a concept of integrated development of the region until 2030 is being developed on the basis of a deep study of the features and capabilities of Surkhandarya.
He told delegates: "We're undertaking a deep study on what it would take to invest in charging stations, to modify the grid in the Kingdom, so that we have thousands of cars by consumer choice or by potential policy for ground-level emissions, but we need to know the cost-benefit analysis.
"First, we conducted a deep study of park usage, incorporating elements such as naturally-occurring footpaths into the final planning structure of the park and honoring local traditions by introducing characteristic ethnic designs into park structures.
The chief guest also advised for a deep study on literature before going to perform a literary montage.

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