deep study

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I was thinking,' she returned, coming out of a deep study, 'what I would do to Him, if he should turn out a drunkard.
We're doing a very, very deep study and coming out with very strong suggestions on the 2018 election," the US President said.
He fully applied his deep study of linguistics and the art of lexicography when compiling Urdu dictionary for Urdu Development Board, later Urdu Dictionary Board (UDB), in its early stages.
So, prescription should be made after having a deep study of side affects of the medicine you are going to prescribe your patients ," he said to doctors.
Some are best for scanning and finding things, while others are better suited for deep study of a single object.
The cultural event will focus on ties between the Sultanate and the Gulf and Indian Ocean countries the period 17th to 19th centuries, through a deep study of the political, economic, social and cultural history of Oman, the NCCAL said in a statement Tuesday.
He expressed his confidence that deep study would help eradicate the malice of terrorism.
The essays show a deep study of text, though some of the supplementary resources (such as consultations with psychiatrists, bereavement counselors, or prisoners) could seem excessive to those who put a primacy on the actors imagination rather than on psychiatry or sociology.
But if the government is going to formulate such a draft, it will be done after a deep study on the future and stability of the country, he said.
Dr Lang, who previously collaborated on a deep study of Tredegar, thinks policy-makers need to deal much more locally to really identify the issues in a community.
It should be a product of deep study and wide discussion.
Despite the fact that William O'Flaherty's formal education, professional training, and subsequent career are in the field of counseling, his long-time personal interest and deep study of C.

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