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The winning bidder will operate the port for 25 years and will also oversee a second expansionary phase that will deepen channels to 20 meters, which will require an investment of another $170 million.
In addition, the vice president will deepen the Network's role in peer to peer exchange among entrepreneurial nonprofits and promote business development to expand the mission impact of the membership and Network.
China is willing to take the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries as an opportunity to enhance high-level exchanges, engage in close communication about a wide range of topics of common interest, deepen complementary cooperation, and lift bilateral ties and cooperation to a new level, Li said.
She said we stand with Pakistan in this difficult hour and attacks like this will only deepen our shared resolve to defeat terrorism.
The bank said that it was taking measures to deepen its retail banking operations after Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced plans to raise its Cash Reserve Requirement (CRR) for public sector deposit in banks to 50 per cent.
The company said it will start the dredging in the fourth quarter to deepen the Port of Miami channel to minus 50 ft.
To deepen the stretch, slowly extend arms and round spine forward, letting the weight of the torso fall forward.
They are glad, he said, that the city has found it vital to keep the program alive and deepen its provisions.
Using improved techniques, they then proceeded to deepen the hole by 378 meters.
The Douthat #1 has been successfully cleaned out to the old well total depth utilizing a workover rig and the Operator is waiting on a drilling rig to deepen the well to the objective reservoir.
3m in 2013 for work on the project, which is the last phase of a comprehensive plan to deepen the ports, by the Army Corps of Engineers.