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In terms of preventing democratic breakdown, democratic deepening allows democracy to sink deeper roots (via more democratic political culture, inclusive political participation and effective state institutions) to better weather the storms of economic and political crises and of authoritarian challenges that may arise.
Because deepening insolvency liability is based in tort (and despite the occurrence of many of these disputes in federal bankruptcy court), the availability of the cause of action and resolution of claims is subject to state law.
The department said it has reviewed the Corps' testing of effluent discharged from sediments placed last year at the Killcohook Confined Disposal Facility in Salem County as part of the first phase of the deepening project, a 12-mile stretch in Delaware waters.
Financial deepening refers to the increased provision of wide range of financial services geared to all levels of society.
The A$250-million deepening project, Fremantle Ports biggest infrastructure project for decades, is being conducted under stringent environmental conditions.
Peoples may have closed the door to imposing on directors duties to creditors, but the American doctrine of deepening insolvency, if adopted in Canada, has the potential to do an end run around Peoples by indirectly providing protection for creditors when the corporation is facing insolvency.
The core of the deepening insolvency theory is that an insolvent corporation and/or its creditors are harmed when a defendant fraudulently or negligently plays a role in increasing a corporation's debt and exposure to creditors, or in depleting its assets by artificially prolonging the corporation's life.
Further deepening of the winze could increase its depth another 400 m.
If this organization and this region are unable to accomplish this deepening, there is a very real chance that the role of the Columbia River and the maritime industry.
3 to hold talks with Japanese leaders on deepening bilateral relations, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.