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In November last year, the two-year project started dredging operations and will deepen the port to a depth of 50/52 feet to house the post-Panamax cargo ships which will start to pass through the expanded Panama Canal in 2015.
This lack of public disclosure deepens suspicion in the African-American community that the LAPD is more interested in protecting officers than in curbing police abuse.
Other things can deepen the "shadow" - getting dehydrated from drinking too much alcohol and smoking.
Other measurements confirm that across most of the equatorial Pacific, El Nino deepens the warm-water layer inhabited by the primary producers in the ocean food web--the photosynthetic plankton.
New Curriculum Deepens Instructional Focus on Most Difficult Concepts for K-6 Students
Canadian Dollar May Reverse Gains as Recession Deepens Fundamental Outlook for Canadian Dollar: Bearish - Canadian Dollar to Re-Test Trend Line Resistance, May Turn Lower Against USD - Economy Shrinks Again in January, Extends Longest Recession on Record The Canadian Dollar will find its recent gains threatened as a busy data docket underscores both a weakening domestic economy and the deepening global downturn.
1'' played as a flash flood of bloody kung fu fighting, the new film impressively deepens its characters and explores its themes while still delivering plenty of slam-bang action, albeit combat of a different kind.
Shift of Network Infrastructure Services Expands Footprint and Deepens Resources
Video connectivity not only speeds, deepens and clarifies communications, it also helps ensure business continuity in a world fraught with potential disruptions, including pandemics, transit strikes and severe weather conditions.
Our Company is growing in the number of people who potentially generate revenue (agents), our business platforms that can generate revenue, and our brand deepens everyday we market our business; but we have also been able to consistently cut costs without giving up much in terms of revenue or margins," stated Mr.
COM has licensed and implemented NeuLion's product SAVANNA as a key component in its service oriented architecture strategy, which is being used by the company as it deepens its relationship with its customers.