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In November last year, the two-year project started dredging operations and will deepen the port to a depth of 50/52 feet to house the post-Panamax cargo ships which will start to pass through the expanded Panama Canal in 2015.
Other things can deepen the "shadow" - getting dehydrated from drinking too much alcohol and smoking.
Other measurements confirm that across most of the equatorial Pacific, El Nino deepens the warm-water layer inhabited by the primary producers in the ocean food web--the photosynthetic plankton.
Canadian Dollar May Reverse Gains as Recession Deepens Fundamental Outlook for Canadian Dollar: Bearish - Canadian Dollar to Re-Test Trend Line Resistance, May Turn Lower Against USD - Economy Shrinks Again in January, Extends Longest Recession on Record The Canadian Dollar will find its recent gains threatened as a busy data docket underscores both a weakening domestic economy and the deepening global downturn.