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I have been really trying to urge both parties to deescalate the situation.
This prevents greater emotional dependency on you, helps a child learn that he or she can be okay, and also deescalates the situation with the victim quickly.
As long as subjects do not perceive it as an uncaring shift, such a tactic may deescalate a particularly inflammatory course of dialogue.
The leaders agreed that there is a "willingness on all sides to deescalate the situation and work toward a lasting resolution.
Islamabad -- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressing grave concern over escalation of tension at Line of Control said we want to deescalate tension through diplomacy.
President Barack Obama asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to deescalate its territorial dispute that Tokyo says does not exist.
Sudanese president said two days ago after his return from Doha that JEM rebels do not represent Darfur people, following a request by the Joint Chief Mediator to deescalate military operation against JEM rebels in Darfur.
It stressed that it is necessary to deescalate Gulf tensions and to meet hopes and expectations of the Gulf people.