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I strongly urge the Russian and Ukrainian leaders to deescalate the situation, avoid hasty actions, and immediately engage in direct and constructive dialogue to resolve all these problems.
In response to Russia's intent to deescalate Harf asserted, "Well, they've said it is, but their actions have not backed up those words.
The political standoff in Ukraine has hopefully started to deescalate, Steinmeier told a joint press conference with his French and Polish counterparts Laurent Fabius and Radoslaw Sikorski respectively, after their talks in the German city of Weimar as part of the so-called Weimar Triangle.
The United States needs to see concrete evidence that Russia is prepared to engage on the diplomatic proposals we have made to facilitate direct dialogue between Ukraine and Russia and to use international mechanisms like a contact group to deescalate the conflict," she added.
NEW YORK, March 1 (KUNA) -- The United States has proposed to the Security Council dispatch of an independent mediation mission to Ukraine to deescalate the tension in the country.
Syria and Turke have to deescalate tensions; any war between them will be detrimental to the interests of the entire Muslim nation, Firouzabadi said in statements to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) two days after deadly trans-border skirmishes between the two countries.
To resolve the issue, the two sides should try to deescalate tensions on their border lines, hold dialogue, expand cooperation and respect each other's sovereignty," he stressed.
Iran which maintains close ties with both Syria and Turkey seeks to deescalate the growing tension between the two Muslim neighbors.