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The instructions we gave to people on how to deface posters were ridiculously detailed.
pk' domain on PKNIC servers to hack and deface Google's Pakistan sub-domain.
These girls leave their homes, in the Groves area, off Lodge Lane, Toxteth armed with their felt tips determined to deface all the areas properties.
According to the report, Cleary also faces charges in the US, where he stands accused of breaking into a number of websites, including that of the US X Factor, in order to deface them and steal personal details.
The group also said that they do not deface or hack websites randomly, but instead focus their highly targeted attacks on past defacements by Indians hackers.
INTELLIGENT cameras are aiming to catch graffiti artists red-handed as they deface bus shelters around Birmingham.
Businesses, schools and community centers find themselves constant targets, struggling just to keep up with the taggers who deface their property.
This company makes products to preserve and beautify, not to deface the neighborhoods we serve.
It just shows you the sad state of today's society when people think it's a good laugh to deface such a public place.
That incident and still-vivid memories of it demonstrate the attachment most Americans have for Old Glory - and the disgust they have for those who would deface it.