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Hackers threaten to deface more websites if Dhoni's image is circulated.
As reported by Chapola (2012), the leaders of the "I deface you" movement have stated that, more than simply defacing the material on display, the goal was to secure a significant reduction in the amount of political propaganda on the streets.
As chair of the conservation trust, I cannot put my name to something that will deface Birmingham's heritage.
In reality, just a few thousand sites were defaced - one of which was that of Zone-H, the site that had the task of recording the sites that the hackers managed to deface.
They maintain that banks were previously warned about all the security flaws but since banks' staff don't seem to be serious with the warnings and hence hackers have no point but to deface their websites.
The instructions we gave to people on how to deface posters were ridiculously detailed.
He has also been able to wait for the moments when the palaces are not obscured by the parked cars, vans and trailers with which the Italians deface the narrow street of their historic towns.
And then he thought, Why not deface the Comelec website?
Two House leaders are calling for investigations into how hackers managed to access and deface government websites this past Wednesday.
To deface the Cenotaph and the statue of Winston Churchill is simply beneath contempt.
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