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The site collects statistics from defacers who forward the site's URL via e-mail to Alldas.
Hackers, virus-writers, and web site defacers would face life imprisonment without the possibility of parole under the proposed "Antiterrorism" legislation, which would classify most computer crimes as acts of terrorism.
The so-called hack-a-thon is scheduled for this Sunday as part of the world's first global Defacers Challenge.
Attacks are also being made by Anti-India Crew, a pro-Islamic group which has carried out 454 attacks since July, and World's Fantabulous Defacers which has carried out around 400 attacks since November 2001.
The company has pointed out that two hacking groups - Unix Security Guards and World Fantabulous Defacers - carried out 111 digital attacks on Indian educational and business sites in May.