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The information collected on each of these defacement databases includes the hostname, domain, or URL of the defacement, the defacer, the defacement date, and the IP address that hosted the defacement.
No one has yet owned up to it and judging by the fact that groups of defacers publicly boycotted the bizarre contest, it certainly looks suspiciously mischievous.
The fact that the defacers' cover had been blown might make their task more difficult as firms put up extra defences, he said.
I told her that perhaps that anonymous defacer was just frustrated and would find better ways to express his or her hope for societal betterment.
From where I sit to where they loiter, I just sing just Them: all glum, tough, and touchy, the cherubs posing as Hell's Angels, untamed, terrified, each one Captain Marvel's chosen sidekick-mascot, less powerful than he but loyal --suddenly a major eater, a product and a product defacer, nonwasher except the hair, a sneer disfiguring a dimple, so smugly doomed but, in side-glances, hoping.
A defacer could obviate this prong of the analysis by, for example, spray-painting "Impeach Clinton."
Police said they were informed about the sign prior to the attack on Saturday May, 20, and "enquiries are continuing" concerning the defacers.
Refusing to recognise that those inhuman creatures are defacers of Islam's message, pitting citizens against each other and painting all refugees as dangerous extremists plays right into the hands of Daesh.
It is an authorial last stand, a rallying cry to all those "habitues of the worst bars, the grimmest cafes, night birds, defacers of notebooks," who "feed on the glamour of truth."
That Yemen or its seas should be the theater for the likes of these hoodlums (both the maritime and the misnamed defacers of Islam) speaks very little to give weight to the regime's claim of fighting terrorism and pursing a solution to the piracy openly practiced in its waters.