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The aliases iskorpitx, Hmei7, kaMtiEz, and 1923Turk are top defacers related to phishing in both Tables 4 and 5.
The results of Experiments 1 and 2, illustrated in the associated histograms, demonstrate a pattern that suggests defacers want to capture their defacement before using the server for phishing or other functionalities.
The final scenario is that some defacers sell credentials on underground markets.
The data supports that there is an opportunity to use the posted information by the defacers as an early warning system for malicious activities on those domains such as identifying new phishing attacks.
The first is to obtain more data on defacements and defacers.
Lastly, we would like to see how the clusters of websites based on defacers in this research map to other phishing clustering algorithms such as those presented in the 2010 publication by Wardman et al.
The data indicates that there is a substantial relationship between the domains defaced by defacers and those domains used to host phishing websites.
In this research we present a set of methods that demonstrate the ability to map sets of phishing attacks to a defacer.
The information collected on each of these defacement databases includes the hostname, domain, or URL of the defacement, the defacer, the defacement date, and the IP address that hosted the defacement.
The first scenario is that the phisher is the defacer.