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The specific analysis of defaced political material used in the present study is part of a broader investigation denominated "The city and its brands: writing practices on the official speech", financed by Fapemig and dedicated to analyzing defacing interventions on advertising, propaganda and signs in four Brazilian capitals.
BEIRUT: The Communist Party Thursday condemned the defacing of the tomb of a resistance fighter in south Lebanon.
A stunned museum goer has caught a vandal on camera defacing a Picasso artwork in the middle of a Houston gallery.
The candidate said that her elections campaign banners were repeatedly subject to deliberate defacing and damaging in such an intimidating way that gives a clear message of standing against the freedom of opinion and of terrorising the candidates," said officials.
Coun Ernest said: "Over the past three years this rash of graffiti has appeared in our lovely town, defacing just about every item of what is referred to as 'street furniture', on our roads and pavements.
The two are suspected of being members of a tagging crew accused of defacing thousands of square feet of private and public property, sheriff's deputies said.
Both of these reports are about defacing property and religious intolerance.
How on Earth could they even think of defacing their remarkable jewel in the crown, a building at the very heart of the World heritage site?
threats against his church, obscene phone messages, and the defacing of his church's sign" by local homosexual activists, reported the November 13 issue of The Pathway (a Baptist news journal).
A man was arrested in San Francisco for defacing 607 books, which he variously slashed, cut cats' eyes into, crammed with Christian pamphlets, or, stranger still, stuffed with covers torn from romance novels.
sites in the past, defacing those belonging to the Department of Energy and the U.
While last year's experimental hackers focused on defacing or shutting down sites, this year's cybercriminals compromise e-business security specifically for financial gain.