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The purpose of initiating legal action is to hold Forbes accountable for their defamatory reporting and to correct the erroneous claims made against HRH Prince Alwaleed.
We have 200 genuine pages and 4,500 spurious pages," explained an P worker, " wherein parties or people have written untrue content or have been defamatory towards others.
He echoed Ecakyr, listing the defamatory phrases being thrown at the Anatolian people who merely wish to serve their nation.
The remarks were found to be defamatory in a Travis County trial court.
Jon violated a federal anti-hacking statute in order to publish salacious, scandalous and defamatory information about Kate," said her lawyer A.
Things can be held to be seriously defamatory, even when you do not intend them to be defamatory and do not make any express accusation.
Innocent face*" - was defamatory, but Lord McAlpine, who has already received six-figure payouts from the BBC and ITV, said it pointed "the finger of blame" during a media frenzy.
The settlement includes a full apology from Mr Owain and his undertaking never to publish any defamatory statements about either Mr.
This means one is liable even if one did not intend to defame or realize that the defamatory remarks were false.
Google Inc is like the news agent that sells a newspaper containing a defamatory article," Beach said in his judgment.
In a further statement last night, Lord McAlpine's representatives said: "Following the statement released by Lord McAlpine earlier today, RMPI LLP, solicitors to Lord McAlpine would like to confirm that they are in the process of preparing writs and will be taking legal action against all media who have defamed Lord McAlpine's reputation and published defamatory statements.