defamatory charges, slander

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Country: United States of America
State: Arkansas

I have a child in a Pubic school in Arkansas, my child's Teacher came to my house one day with some work my child never did. I went out side and meet the teacher, on my carport and spoke with her there. We talked and then she left. I went back in my house and my sister asked me what that was about, I told her and then my sister left. The Problem is the teacher then went while at a game told another student's parent that she did not like what she seen in my house, and that she was going to DHS which is Department Of Human Service. I feel my Rights Have Been Violated. Do I have any grounds for a law suite. the student of this parent came to me and told me this and my daughter was there when the mother of this student told her this.


You could threaten to sue for defamation etc.--but most likely a stern warning is the best option...
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