defamatory words

See: slander
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One member used defamatory words against the former Prime Minister who is not a member of this House,"Kharge said, adding that he had also requested Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to expunge the remark.
The party also said that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders use bad language against Gandhi and other senior Congress leaders but the party never uses defamatory words on the social networking site.
When ycten learned Kylyc works for Today's Zaman, ycten used defamatory words such as "servant of Israel" and "Israeli spy" while Kylyc said he chose to remain silent.
It has been alleged that Kejriwal had uttered defamatory words and had accused the then Dikshit government of stalling Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission's move to cut power tariff by 23 per cent in 2010.
Magsino had earlier been declared persona non grata by 15 municipal mayors in Batangas for allegedly uttering defamatory words and showing disrespect to Sanchez during an interview, an accusation that Magsino denied.
Nevertheless, even though defamatory words which are written in a permanent form are almost certainly libel in technical sense, there is still uncertainty with regard to comments by blog readers.
Imran had even used defamatory words against the judiciary, which was unfair and unfortunate.
Unlike a personal plaintiff, it cannot tug the jury's heart strings by describing its distress and humiliation on reading the defamatory words.
The idea that mere defamatory words can lead to jail in Canada today seems unwarranted in a liberal democratic society which places high value on free speech.
That we are a loquacious people with a proclivity to use defamatory words to blackmail the other was proclaimed by going overboard with statements like "Anna is India and India is Anna", and ridiculing Parliamentarians as 'ignorant people' who wore 'masks' and spoke with a 'forked tongue'
This has led the courts to hold that when defamatory words are transmitted using the Internet, this will vitiate the availability of any qualified privilege that would otherwise have immunized the defendant from liability under traditional defamation principles, and substantially increase any resulting award of damages.
Plaintiff further contends that Phillips' allegedly defamatory words can be found on other websites, including the website of a "radio internet show in New York" known as the Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC, and that Phillips transacted business in New York by "intentionally appearing" on that "radio internet show within New York.