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He will appear in court on January 30 in connection to defaming a symbol belonging to a certain sect.
In December, another court sentenced Muslim researcher Islam Al Behery to one year in prison after convicting him of defaming religion on a now-suspended TV programme.
A Nasr City Misdemeanour Court sentenced Moussa Tuesday to two years imprisonment and an EGP 20,000 fine for insulting, defaming and disclosing untrue facts about Osama Al-Ghazali Harb, head of the Democratic Front political party.
The Libyan clergies called on the world community to shoulder their responsibility and take a clear position towards the blaspheming of our prophet, calling on human rights organizations to mount pressure on their governments to enact legislations and laws criminalizing the defaming of Islamic sanctuaries.
The government of Pakistan must take immediate steps to get rid of these home grown moles which are using the honourable field of journalism to achieve their heinous goals of defaming Pakistan and it\'s institutions.
Al-Shatti's lawyer said his client denied defaming Sheikh Bin Baz.
Summary: Madrid - Spanish official news agency "EFE" has, once more, misled the Iberian media into defaming Morocco, revealing a "strong will of misinformation", said Spanish electronic newspaper "Andalus-Press", on Friday.
Summary: BEIRUT: A suspect wanted for defaming the president was arrested at the Rafik Hariri International Airport of Tuesday, upon returning to the country.
TEMPLETON - Selectman Gerald Skelton, through his lawyer, has denied defaming Gardner lawyer Scott J.
Mr Scott, Mr Lockwood and NewsPost all denied defaming the MP.
Mr Finn and his company, Pallion Housing Ltd, must pay the first part of the pounds 125,000 costs bill within 28 days and were also hit yesterday with a final injunction, forbidding them from defaming chief executive of Gentoo Group, Peter Walls.
com is a 'forum for maliciously defaming Dr Rosenthal and interfering with his dental practice', his $5m (pounds 2.