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DEFAULTER, com. law. One who is deficient in his accounts, or falls in making his accounts correct.

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TMAs of Karak, Takhti Nusrati, Samar Bagh, Abbotabad, Havilain, Nawan Sher, Mansehra, DI Khan, Batkhela, Shabqadar, Tangi, Mardan, Tank, Mardan are also included in defaulter of millions of rupees.
LAHORE -- Provincial Minister Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Malik Tanvir Aslam, Tuesday told Punjab Assembly that several government departments were Wasa's defaulters.
According to PESCO spokesman here Friday, the recovery campaign was in full swing through out the province and Rs 200,000 have been recovered from defaulters in Nowshera cantonment division.
Pesco Hangu Recovery teams recovered 3 lacs rupees from 78 defaulter consumers.
According to latest figures, about 7,035 wilful defaulters owe INR590bn to Indian state-run banks.
Pesco has directed all Federal and Provincial defaulter government departments to pay their outstanding arrears by 18th May 2015 failing which their power supply would be disconnected from 19th May 2015 without any further notice.
The President's instructions were that all defaulters including citizens and foreigners arrested or convicted for presenting dishonoured security cheques must be freed, any related cases being heard be suspended and any penalties handed down to these defaulters be annulled," Jassem Saif Bu Asseeba, head of the Judicial Inspection Department at the Ministry of Justice, told Gulf News.
Knowing a defaulter also is linked to a more downbeat view on the direction of home prices, according to the Fannie Mae survey.
Owners and Renters who know defaulters are as likely to say owning makes more sense than renting, say buying a home is a safe investment and display roughly the same intention to buy a home as those who do not know a defaulter.
My role was that of an Enforcement Officer, tasked with tracking down fine defaulters and either bailing them to attend court, or less frequently arresting fine defaulters and taking them to court.
Anwar Mansoor Khan, senior lawyer for the UBL, requested the court to order that the name of Awais Mazhar, a loan defaulter, be placed on the ECL.
He said: "It is an Alice in Wonderland world that will put a fine defaulter away for pounds 600 and yet someone engaged in multi-million pound criminality stays on the outside.