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DEFAULTER, com. law. One who is deficient in his accounts, or falls in making his accounts correct.

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Indian banking secretary, Gurdial Singh Sandhu, has asked commercial banks in the nation to take action against Kingfisher Airlines by declaring the airline a wilful defaulter.
6 million were recovered from 250 defaulters of City sub-division, Rs 1.
Darya Khan sugar mill Bhakkar is defaulter of Rs 3.
Sources informed that Secretary and DG Excise had directed the officials to limit their actions till notices against the property tax defaulters in the past years in Ramazan, however, now this time operation would be carried with full force.
Talking to media, he said that September 30 was deadline and notices had been served on defaulters to clear their property tax.
FAISALABAD -- Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has issued final notices to 17 defaulters for the payment of their arrears.
The key defaulters on payment of electricity bills outstanding dues hail from the elite class of the society.
The high ups of WAPDA said that WAPDA has met failure in effecting recovery from defaulters for want of proper legislation in the country.
Significantly, just 3 percent of owners who don't know a defaulter have seriously considered defaulting on their own mortgage.
Often lengthy enquiries had to be conducted to trace fine defaulters and this could take several weeks.
As part of a national operation to clamp down on persistent defaulters, warrant officers from the North Wales Magistrates' Courts,backed by police officers, executed a string of arrest warrants.
Different public sector department are defaulters of Multan Electric Power Company's dues worth over Rs625 million and the company has issued final notices to them to pay their outstanding bills till December 24.