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DEFAULTER, com. law. One who is deficient in his accounts, or falls in making his accounts correct.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Knowing a defaulter also is linked to a more downbeat view on the direction of home prices, according to the Fannie Mae survey.
The SBP has sent the defaulters list to ECP for further action.
Erstwhile minister for railways Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour is the defaulter of Rs144,670,715, whereas PTI leader Pervez Khattak has the outstanding amount of Rs106,575,071 in one case and Rs82,422,320 in another.
Raja Rashid Hafeez Rs74,00,000, Sami Hassan Gillani of PTI Rs69,46,000, Ilays Balour Rs55,000 and Mian Mehmood Rashid of PTI is the defaulter of Rs28,000.
Under a drive started to recover total amount of Rs 113026.47 million from Government and private defaulters, the PESCO team disconnected power supply to defaulters.
According to Mepco sources, various teams launched a crackdown on defaulters in all sub-divisions of the circle from July 2017 to September.
Sources added that the recovery operation against private running and permanent defaulters had been stepped up and sub divisional, divisional and circle teams were in action under a three-tier plan against them.
He said, the court directed the defaulters to deposit bank guarantee or pay the property tax.
The distribution companies published the names of defaulters on their websites upon directions from the energy ministry.
In a bid to reduce defaults and raise funds several distribution companies have compiled a list of all the defaulters owing Rs1 million or more and have published their names online and have also set a deadline for defaulters to clear their dues.
According to a press release issued here on Wednesday, the teams recovered Rs 191.1 million from 16,210 defaulters in
Task Forces of City Division D I Khan recovered Rs 0.69 Million from defaulters and removed 26 direct hooks.