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DEFAULTER, com. law. One who is deficient in his accounts, or falls in making his accounts correct.

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He however assured the loan defaulters that their problems in the end would be resolved permanently to everybody's complete satisfaction.
Judicial and law enforcement authorities have stopped accepting bounce security cheques as a criminal tool against debt defaulters," he said.
The survey found that 80 percent of homeowners and 74 percent of renters who know a defaulter say the economy is on the wrong track.
Ninety-two percent of Owners who know defaulters say owning makes more sense than renting, compared to 89 percent of Owners who do not know defaulters.
The Deloitte Center for Financial Services defines first-time defaulters as consumers who have suffered a serious negative credit situation for the first time since mid-2008, such as delinquency, foreclosure, bankruptcy and charge-offs.
Often lengthy enquiries had to be conducted to trace fine defaulters and this could take several weeks.
The United Bank Ltd (UBL) was asked to provide the court the list of loan defaulters whose names were placed on the ECL.
The department had given 10-day deadline to the defaulters of the property tax.
Reports show just seven major criminals were charged between 2002 and last year in comparison with 25 to 30 minor defaulters being sent to proson each day.
As part of a national operation to clamp down on persistent defaulters, warrant officers from the North Wales Magistrates' Courts,backed by police officers, executed a string of arrest warrants.
Calling the loan defaulters "plunderers of the national wealth," Musharraf asked them to take the deadline seriously.
Hansman discussed the matter with some influential personalities of the government of Pakistan, and made it clear that the US administration, the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will no longer tolerate loot and plunder of the banks and advised serious action against the defaulters in order to recover all the money unlawfully devoured up.