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This year (2015-2016), KP Provincial Assembly tops the percentage of defaulting legislators as 49 or 39% KP MPAs failed to submit their statements by October 15; closely followed by the Punjab Assembly where 137 or 37 % members defaulted.
has written to lenders to challenge the level of their default fees, which the consumer group believes should be no higher than the admin costs arising from a borrower defaulting.
One reason is that if informed people would select a particular option, defaulting people into that option is respectful of their autonomy.
Lastly, the Fed's report noted that, historically, muni bonds have no discernible pattern for defaulting, unlike corporate bond defaults which spike during a recession.
Specialists engage in pragmatic, rational discussions with customers that correspond with their thinking process, and help them work through the alternatives and trade-offs of strategically defaulting on their mortgage.
Trichet said that the responsibility to prevent Greece from defaulting lies with eEurozone governments, and added that a default had to be avoided even if it was a credit event, a selective default or default.
This implies that [psi] declines and the likelihood of highly levered firms defaulting on their debt also declines.
The preferences of public officials and the environment in which they must act affect their perceived costs and benefits of defaulting. This has been recognized by several authors.
The part of the spread rewarding the investor for the expected default loss can be seen as the product of two key components: 1) the probability of defaulting and 2) the loss given default (1--the recovery rate).
The person: served as a liaison between the financial aid office and other departments; worked with outside entities to track borrows at risk of defaulting; identified students most likely to default; raised student, faculty, and staff awareness of default, and developed financial literacy programs.
The last recession has been so severe that firms have clearly faced a higher risk of defaulting on their liabilities.
The Media industry was the worst performer in 2009, with 45 issuers in that sector defaulting. The Automotive and Hotel/Gaming/Leisure industries were the next worse, with 19 defaults in each.