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Potentially subject to defeat, termination, or Annulment upon the occurrence of a future action or event, or the performance of a condition subsequent.The most common legal application of the term is with respect to estates as interest in land, such as in the case of a conveyance or a life estate, which is defeasible upon the happening of a certain specified event, for example, the death of the person holding such an interest.


adjective confutable, dismissible, dissoluble, functus officio, refutable, revocable, subject to being abrogated, subject to being annulled, subject to being cancelled, subject to being divested, subject to being invalidated, subject to being repealed, subject to being retracted, subject to being revoked, subject to being taken away, subject to being withdrawn, terminable, voidable
Associated concepts: defeasible deed, defeasible estate, deeeasible fee, defeasible interest, defeasible remainder, deeeasible title, determinable fee



DEFEASIBLE. What may be undone or annulled.

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21) No por nada, entre los teoricos mas resueltos a sostener la inherente defeasibility de las normas juridicas estan los autores de Ilicitos atipicos, Manuel Atienza y Juan Ruiz Manero (2000; vease tambien 2012).
The reasonable and correct application of this scheme can be assessed dialogically by taking into account its defeasibility conditions, represented by the following critical questions:
Therefore, it seems that the defense of freedom, based on a general defeasibility of practical reasoning conflicts with, or is incompatible with, the compatibilist reduction of consciousness to neurological states.
Nevertheless, defeasibility of the tax warrant allows for the sensible conclusion that a taxpayer can make transfers free of the lien in the ordinary course of business.
These ideas in Kelley's Attribution Theory about receiver perceptions of a source are the mirror image on the audience perception side to those found in Benoit's image repair category of Evading Responsibility, and specifically with defeasibility, in which the accused source alleges a lack of information or control.
President Bush's image repair effort on Meet the Press: The complexities of defeasibility.
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Superioridad' no solo en cuanto a la posicion sino tambien en cuanto al contenido open textured, indeterminacion material que se debe a la defeasibility y a la vagueness.
Examples of defeasibility (claiming lack of knowledge) include companies claiming that a lack of accounting personnel prohibited the organization from obtaining the necessary information about internal controls or that an acquisition made it impossible to assess internal controls.
There is, on this view, no usurpation--no "private taking"--but simply the natural defeasibility of the owner's right to possess where he fails to take action, thus leaving the adverse possessor's right to possess that much stronger.
Modelling defeasibility in Law: Logic of Procedure?
Other evasion strategies include defeasibility, in which the organization did not know what to do or lacked the ability to act properly, claims the crisis was accidental or, that the organization had good intentions and therefore should be exonerated.