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Potentially subject to defeat, termination, or Annulment upon the occurrence of a future action or event, or the performance of a condition subsequent.The most common legal application of the term is with respect to estates as interest in land, such as in the case of a conveyance or a life estate, which is defeasible upon the happening of a certain specified event, for example, the death of the person holding such an interest.


adjective confutable, dismissible, dissoluble, functus officio, refutable, revocable, subject to being abrogated, subject to being annulled, subject to being cancelled, subject to being divested, subject to being invalidated, subject to being repealed, subject to being retracted, subject to being revoked, subject to being taken away, subject to being withdrawn, terminable, voidable
Associated concepts: defeasible deed, defeasible estate, deeeasible fee, defeasible interest, defeasible remainder, deeeasible title, determinable fee



DEFEASIBLE. What may be undone or annulled.

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Non-monotonicity of material inferences, including those having this pattern, is what makes them defeasible inferences (Pinto, 2006, pp.
In New York, judicial liens on personal property arise when the execution is delivered to the sheriff, but such liens are often defeasible.
Defeasible reasoning [4], on the other hand, constitutes a non-monotonic rule-based approach for efficient reasoning with incomplete and inconsistent information.
Talmy (2000: 269) accounts for the same phenomenon by postulating the notion of "lexicalized implicature," which refers to the kind of implicature which is defeasible and which is associated with a lexical item.
This kind of defeasible gift, though easily deployed and fairly
The following 25 chapters discuss the various modes of reasoning, including deductive, inductive, abductive, belief-revision, defeasible, cross-cultural, conversational, and argumentative, and variations of each.
41) But such arguments are defeasible on grounds that the parent-child relationship differs fundamentally from that between equals.
Woodruff 1994 has suggested that an argument from eikos is one based on a defeasible inference, but Plato here seems to be playing on the root meaning of eikazein, 'to represent by an image'.
But those similarities and differences--as well as their diagnostic value for cultural affiliation--are always open to contestation (even if they do not face challenges and criticisms here and now); and claims about which similarities and differences can be said to be constitutive of the cultural identity of a group are always defeasible (even if not yet defeated).
He works with Willem Labuschagne on Applied Logic, and in particular on the nature of cognitive agents and their reasoning with defeasible logics for generating and changing knowledge and beliefs.
The dangers of depravity, if they are to be met as part of the rule of reason, instead call for the inclusion of all parties and for the (re-)establishment of the exchange of accounts in a context of mutual grants of recognition establishing ethical standing and then a defeasible authority of ethical judgment.
Defeasible logic programming: An argumentative approach.