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Potentially subject to defeat, termination, or Annulment upon the occurrence of a future action or event, or the performance of a condition subsequent.The most common legal application of the term is with respect to estates as interest in land, such as in the case of a conveyance or a life estate, which is defeasible upon the happening of a certain specified event, for example, the death of the person holding such an interest.


adjective confutable, dismissible, dissoluble, functus officio, refutable, revocable, subject to being abrogated, subject to being annulled, subject to being cancelled, subject to being divested, subject to being invalidated, subject to being repealed, subject to being retracted, subject to being revoked, subject to being taken away, subject to being withdrawn, terminable, voidable
Associated concepts: defeasible deed, defeasible estate, deeeasible fee, defeasible interest, defeasible remainder, deeeasible title, determinable fee



DEFEASIBLE. What may be undone or annulled.

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The primary analogy in federal courts law is the Court's state sovereign immunity jurisprudence, which derives from longstanding common law practice a broad immunity against private suits that is not defeasible by federal legislation.
Earlier I observed that freedoms are by nature defeasible rights.
Emotive (or ethical) terms are the keystone of complex patterns of defeasible reasoning from classification, values, and consequences, whose defeasibility conditions need to be investigated.
Oddie's explanation of the oddness is that normally by asserting "P" we also conversationally imply that we have evidence for P, and the fact that P seems true is often a form of defeasible evidence for P (ibid.
309-329 y "Bootstrapping, Defeasible Reasoning, and A Priori Justification")--segun el cual, el dogmatismo permite que los sujetos obtengan justificacion perceptiva de una manera muy facil, pues admite que una fuente de justificacion (como la percepcion) proporcione justificacion a un sujeto S, aunque S no este justificado anteriormente en creer que dicha fuente es fiable.
Non-monotonicity of material inferences, including those having this pattern, is what makes them defeasible inferences (Pinto, 2006, pp.
In: Conductive Argument: An Overlooked Type of Defeasible Reasoning.
Contract defenses that allow consent to be set aside or defeasible under a variety of circumstances such as fraud, duress, various forms of incompetence, or undue influence identify circumstances where the consent of the parties may not produce substantively fair or efficient agreements.
Defeasible reasoning plays some role in ethical thinking.
273) Separately, the CPLR makes execution liens defeasible until the sheriff actually levies.
Sin embargo, nos encontramos con que en la historia no cabe deducir; la historia es un espacio eminentemente defeasible.
Defeasible reasoning in high-functioning adults with autism: evidence for impaired exception handling.