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First round matches were won by Mufadil of Science College defeating Haroon Mushtaq of Willayat Hussain College.
CF Dragons made it six wins from six after defeating AFC Whitchurch 10-2.
Thus the good fighter is able to secure himself against defeat, but cannot make certain of defeating the enemy.
The Joint IED Defeat Organization is made up of representatives from all Services as well as retirees, all dedicated full-time to defeating the IED threat.
Defeating Diabetes (ISBN 1-57067-139-7) is published by Healthy Living Publications.
Bridge Timber made no mistakes in this cup encounter defeating Lazer Electrics 8-0.
Churchill swept the doubles matches while defeating host North Eugene 7-1.
Leonardo Mayer started the first round by defeating his Serbian competitor with 4-6, 2-6, 1-6.
Beacon will be their opponents in the final after they surprised a couple of teams, defeating St Mary's A 5-2 before a shock win over Red Lion, with Beacon captain Alby Richardson man-of-thematch in both games.
In the Under-16 A Division, Maindy Corries picked up their first win of the season defeating Caerau Ely 3-2 with goals from Jack Clover, Luke McAulliffe and Ryan Ford.
2 percent made the runoff, defeating Mike Schofield with 19.