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"The reason I have set October 31 as a hard deadline and we have got to go for it is that we have had enough of defeatism and negativity from this government.
We really need to address the root cause of defeatism. Thankfully articles such as "Standing Against Defeat" keep defeatism from turning into depression.
An integral reason for such defeatism is the very real and deep sense of division that exists within the ranks of the non-Islamist population, the different factions of which do not possess the leaders, perspective or mechanisms to actually end and which exists for very valid reasons, even, and especially, among revolutionary ranks.
Alex Salmond has been accused by a former SNP leader of defeatism over his bid for a twoquestion referendum on independence.
LOVE LIFE THURSDAY ITV1 9pm Rob James-Collier takes a break from playing the Downton baddy Thomas to star as a backpacker who comes home to find his former girlfriend is the bearer of some surprising news MARY'S BOTTOM LINE THURSDAY C4, 9pm Mary Portas says knickers to laziness and defeatism as she continues her one-woman campaign to get Britain working by opening a factory to make underwear RETURN TO THE FALKLANDS TUESDAY ITV1, 9pm Simon Weston, the Welsh Guardsman who became the face of the Falklands War after suffering devastating burns when the Sir Galahad was destroyed, confronts his past for the 30th anniversary.
what would you choose want, rage, or ignorance defeatism or
Kerry was criticised by the panel earlier in the show for her defeatism and came bottom of the judges' leader board with just nine points.
I say this with a small dose of positivism in times when Albanians detect the defeatism as faith and self-destruction.
Repeating that the solution will be painful strengthens the feeling of defeatism among the people, he added.
LABOUR is "paralysed by defeatism" and no longer empathises with its core supporters, backbencher Jon Cruddas warned the party last night.
Of particular concern in the study are the efforts of Nazi officials to combat public defeatism in the face of the advancing Red Army.
Players and fans alike must not implode with negativity and defeatism.