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Thankfully articles such as "Standing Against Defeat" keep defeatism from turning into depression.
First of all it would return the fighting spirit to everyone mired in defeatism right now.
There is only one reason why they would do so - defeatism - stemming from a belief that they can't deliver a Yes vote for independence.
Piebalgs put a very negative spin on things," admitted the Commission official, critical of the energy commissioner's defeatism following the Energy Council in early June.
It would be folly at this stage to give in to defeatism and despair.
At the heart of this book is a powerful but more than slightly simplistic concept: companies that want to grow need to climb on a "blue train" of empowerment, enthusiasm and teamwork, and reject a "red train" of defensiveness, defeatism and stagnation.
Robinson, a prodigious researcher, marshaled impressive evidence from field reports on how as the war dragged on, desertion, disaffection, and defeatism plagued southern ranks.
Keep an eye on the prize, Rumsfeld's pal Podhoretz urged, and apply new technology to the same tactics honed during "World War III," when "we as a nation persisted in spite of the inevitable setbacks and mistakes and the defeatism they generated.
Scotland 1 USA 1 SCOTLAND midfielder Nigel Quashie insists that Saturday's Hampden Park draw proves the players have shrugged off the defeatism associated with the Berti Vogts era.
Mastering Abundance is not about fulfilling greed, or a magic formula to instantly grant wishes; it is a thoughtful examination of the psychological and spiritual limitations people impose on themselves every day--from defeatism to envy and worse--and how to remove them.
There is a certain sleepiness and defeatism that to some degree is, of course, caused by fear-mongering.