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For this defeatist attitude will only have detrimental effects toward the Cardiff City players and also the loyal supporters.
Summary: Mohamed Nazzal, a member of Hamas political bureau, strongly denounced Mahmoud Abbas for suspending the discussion of UN investigator Richard Goldstone's report, describing it as defeatist and immoral.
He said parties, which are trying to form a new government, are "crying" due to their defeatist mindset, while the Maoists are "proud", of their ability to come out of the trap laid by counter-revolutionists and regressive forces.
There is one last obstacle we will have to overcome in implementing this strategy the talk about reduced expectations, reductionist and defeatist approaches.
There remains a realistic prospect for this project and proposing a capitulation at this time is defeatist.
To grow in recovery, emotional growth is key--which means facing up to defeatist attitudes and understanding how sobriety is placed at risk.
Now that may make you feel a bit defeatist, but we've got to start somewhere.
Parent Susan Hernandez said the sanctions have produced an air of uncertainty and concern but she said parents and staff are far from adopting a defeatist attitude.
TNA: A common defeatist refrain is that it is now impossible to solve this dilemma through enforcement--that we can't deport that many people and keep more from pouring in.
By confronting your fears head on, you will be able to push beyond defeatist behavior to achieve your objectives.