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The recent defection of the tribe had, as they well knew themselves, subjected the Delawares to much reproach among their French allies; and they were now made to feel that their future actions were to be regarded with jealousy and distrust.
It had been agreed to speak as little as possible: they did not even renew the exchange of views regarding the defection of Palmer, which had occupied their minds on the way.
What he foresaw was the defection of the great labor unions and the rise of the castes.
This foreshadowing of a slow social evolution was made when Ernest was first depressed by the defection of the great unions.
As clearly as in the light of past events, he saw the defection of the favored unions, the rise and the slow decay of the labor castes, and the struggle between the decaying oligarchs and labor castes for control of the great governmental machine.
He meant to make up for Margaret's defection, but knew that his father had been very happy with her until yesterday.
Of course he saw no more than I did, but to annoy me, or perhaps to punish me for my long defection, he must turn his back on me and devote himself to this chit from Southampton to the Mediterranean.
Here, at least, was a citadel impregnable by right-hand defections or left-hand extremes.
SAPHIR DU RHEU'S owner Andy Stewart believes his young star's two principal market rivals will be the ones to benefit most from the Hennessy Gold Cup defection of Coneygree, who was ruled out of the winter highlight yesterday after a schooling session.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's cabinet meeting held here on Wednesday approved defection clause in section 78 of Local Government Action 2013.
Yoach claimed the Leek community in Unity state backed his defection.
Summary: Opposition figures Monday sought to play down the defection of a 60-man rebel group in the Damascus suburbs to the regime side over the weekend.