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And the more the technological cycle is automated, the problem of organizing the use of the modern system of technological online defectiveness monitoring is more urgent, since between the tasks of receiving and current technological monitoring there is a significant theoretical and technical difference [4].
(3) The tensile properties of the repaired samples were lower compared to the notched ones (for both T6 and T4 states) due to the residual stress and defectiveness. The PRHT improved the yield strength of the repaired specimen by reducing residual stress.
(158) See, e.g., Barker, 573 P.2d at 455-56 (explaining that a plaintiff may satisfy the defectiveness of product design by establishing that the product proximately caused his injury--not that "[the] product is more dangerous than contemplated by the average consumer"--when he used the product in an intended or a reasonable manner).
As American products liability law has continued to develop, the risk-utility test has become the majority test for design defectiveness. (81) Alabama was not the first state court to confusingly combine the two design-defect standards.
As Susann Gill, the lead prosecutor in Fourtin told us, case law delineating the parameters of the "mentally defective" subsection is even sparser than the pursued alternative, "physically helpless." (316) L.K.'s demonstrated resistance classed her out of "helplessness"; it may just as well have classed her out of "defectiveness."
Also, we observed that the introduction of the functional category Voice, due to the defectiveness of , in the past tense not only explained the assignment of accusative Case but also provided the logic for the split-ergative nature of Pashto language; leading towards the conclusion that split- ergativity in Pashto is nothing but the close and intimate relation between passive voice and past tense, a relation already reported for other Indo-Iranian languages.
(5) The logic underlying this analysis differs from a manufacturing defect claim, in which the product's deviation from the manufacturer's specifications provides a built-in standard of defectiveness.
Readers of the lengthy dialogue between him and the Queen (including a "speech", by his own description) will note that his "Words" are not quite so few as he seems to imply, though the Queen does give "great Allowance for [his] Defectiveness in speaking" (378).
The work on the limit of the durability using causes increased defectiveness and intensive wear of wheels and rails [1].
For businesses to take CSR seriously, it has to be integrated into the "DNA of the company." Today, amid the 2008 financial crisis, the continuing recession that has hit business profits and proven the defectiveness of short-run share prices as a reliable indicator for long-run business sustainability, along with the worldwide uprisings and the revolution of social media and its impact in raising people's awareness, the idea that companies don't have any independent ethical responsibility for the consequences of their businesses on the community is no longer valid.
276) view of men, creating a portrayal of men characterized by "psychological defectiveness" or "denigration of the essence of men" (p.
(115) Methodologically, the court confined the analysis to the device itself, shifting away from the American idea suggesting that product comparison and safer alternatives be at the heart of asserting defectiveness. Accordingly, in the eyes of the court "the conventional valve did not meet the same need as the Silzone value because it did not address the risk of [prosthetic valve endocarditis]." (116) Through these lenses, the coated valve brought about distinct risks, and different benefits, as "PVE was a known risk with the conventional valve that the Silzone valve had the potential to address." (117) The case was therefore dismissed.