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The mathematical procedure of highlighting the trend of the process allows you to organize an active control of the random component of defectiveness (process error).
87) Even during this time, some courts assessed design defectiveness according to whether the safety benefits of fixing a design danger were worth the costs.
Owen, supra note 338, at 301 ("[M]ost modern courts have abandoned consumer expectations as the predominant test for design defectiveness.
Hence, the court recognized that design defect cases are analytically dissimilar to manufacturing defect cases, in that design defect cases require some outside, external, objective standard for defectiveness, which cannot be found in generalized references to industry expectations.
Whereas approximation of the laws of the Member States concerning the liability of the producer for damage caused by the defectiveness of his products is necessary because the existing divergences may distort competition and affect the movement of goods within the common market and entail a differing degree of protection of the consumer against damage caused by a defective product to his health or property (supra note 5 [emphasis added]).
2005; Reeves & Taylor, 2007; Schmidt, 1994), defectiveness and emotional deprivation (Nordahl et al.
This logic, it seems, accounts for the standard neoliberal response to economic crisis, which, as Foucault paraphrased above, asserts: "Nothing proves that the market economy is intrinsically defective since everything attributed to it as a defect and as the effect of its defectiveness should really be attributed to the state" (page 116).
The technical state of elements in ED was evaluated by defectiveness points ([B.
Findings demonstrated that patients scored higher on five of the 18 early maladaptive schemas than their intimate partners (the schemata of defectiveness, failure, dependence, vulnerability, and insufficient self-control), and intimate partners scored higher than patients on the schema of self-sacrifice.
d (1998) ("Subsection (b) adopts a reasonableness ('risk-utility balancing') test as the standard for judging the defectiveness of product designs.
Aristotle asserted that the female is a female by virtue of a certain lack of [male] qualities and the female nature should be regarded as afflicted with natural defectiveness (de Beauvoir, 1989).