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Nonwovens were well formed, uniform, and defectless. Because CNTs were incorporated into the polymer solution in the form of stable suspension in DMF (a component of PLA solution), their full dispersion in the PLA solution facilitated forming uniform nanofibres.
Dosing rates were optimised during all sample preparation processes so as to ensure that the processes would not be interrupted, that the solution would not flow over the edges of the spinning nozzle and that the forming nanofibers would be defectless. When airflow (dried atmospheric gas) of volumetric rates of [Q.sub.F] = 10-80 litres/minute and temperatures [T.sub.F1] = (29[+ or -] 1) [degrees]C and [T.sub.F2] = (60 [+ or -]1) [degrees]C were applied, an air nozzle was attached to the spinning nozzle - either an open pipe nozzle (inner diameter of 3 mm) or a Laval nozzle (inner diameter of 3 mm, MJ5, Silvent), see Fig.
However, this process is highly unstable even at [Q.sub.F] = 80 1/min and does not produce defectless nanofibrous materials.
Into the first group specimens of brazed joints from alloy ChS70 were included, which were formed at 1200 [degrees]C within 10 min by simple brazing alloy No.1 of Ni-Co-Cr-Al-B system, which due to good spreading and sufficient wettability allowed ensuring reliable filling of clearances and forming defectless joints (seams) (Figure 3, a, b).
Defectless pristine graphene is relatively inert and exhibits low chemical reactivity with high anisotropic charge transport.
The theoretical limit strength [[sigma].sub.g] is the strength of the defectless material having structural inhomogeneities.