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When you have such a low target to defend, even one or two bad overs are enough to finish the game off,' he said.
By defending PAB, we honor and defend our heroes,' she added.
do not reference a duty to defend, often leaving the duty to arise (or
While it is universally accepted that the duty to defend is broader than the duty to indemnify, jurisdictions differ as to what information can be used to determine that duty.
Bottom line: The state's attorney general is charged with defending state laws and cannot choose whether to defend a law that the Texas Legislature enacts if it is challenged in court.
Another example is Nebraska, which requires an insurer to defend if a reasonable investigation of the actual facts by the insurer would or does disclose facts that would obligate the insurer to indemnify.
I've always said since I broke into the West Ham team that I'm confident in my ability as a player - and I know I can defend as well as attack.
The special court has ordered me to defend Qasab, and as a professional lawyer, it is my duty to honor and abide by the court order," he said.
The Top Rank-WBO agreement enabled Margarito to defend his title against a lower-ranked Joshua Clottey instead of the WBO's No.
The invader wasp stands at the nest's entrance as one guard bee after another comes out to defend its home.
Generally, larger insureds with house counsel seem to prefer the "no duty to defend" approach, and smaller, less sophisticated insureds seem to favor the "duty to defend.
DEFEND protective coating is a cleanable, durable, water- and oil-repellent finish, which is cured onto the fiber yet retains the original textured, fabric-like surface characteristics and breathability of the fabric.