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TO DEFEND. To forbid. This word is used in some old English statutes in the sense it has in French, namely, to forbid. 5 Pic. 2, c. Lord Coke uses the word in this sense: it is defended by law to distrain on the highway." Co Litt. 160, b. 161 a. In an old work entitled, Legends, printed by Winkin de Worde, in 1527, fo. 96, we find examples of the use of the word in this sense, "He defended," (forbade) "to pay the wage," (tribute,) "for he said he was a king." "She wrote the obligation when she put her hand to the tree against the defence." (prohibition of God.)
     2. In pleading, to defend is to deny; and the effect of the word "defends" is, that the defendant denies the right of the plaintiff, or the force and wrong charged. Steph. Pl. 432.
     3. In contracts, to defend is to guaranty; to agree to indemnify. In most conveyances of land the grantor covenants to warrant and defend. It is his duty, then, to prevent all persons against whom he defends, from doing any act which would evict him; when there is a mortgage upon the land, and the mortgagee demands possession or payment of the covenantee, and threatens suit, this is a breach of the covenant to defend, and for quiet enjoyment. 17 Mass. R. 586.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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For now, it is unwise for Raila not to defend Ruto just because he never defended him prior to pre-handshake.
DAP has defended all of its seats in Penang for two terms since 2008 while under Pakatan Rakyat and will be defending all seats this election under Pakatan Harapan (PH).
Erol Rizaov in Nezavisen vesnik comments that not a single law can defend the language, the way it is defended with accomplishments.
Like his former teammate Nazir, Razzaq also felt the batsmen should have known what kind of target the bowlers could have defended and should have planned accordingly.
@ narendramodi ji, your FM has made his money defending big ppl involved in big scams ( sic)." "@ ArvindKejriwal all his life has defended the poor ( sic), he tweeted.
As in prior studies, the findings in the current study indicated that girls defended more than boys.
"It used to be you defended first and then attacked but my impression now is it's the other way around.
Before 2008, state attorneys general routinely defended state law
Q: In 2013, you won the Mansmith Young Market Masters Award (YMMA) not just because you have defended and recovered market shares of Safeguard against Vaseline's "germs out, nutrients in" campaign, but also because you have innovated, combining both Safeguard and Olay soaps for counterattack.
17, the AKP staunchly defended those involved in acts of thievery, corruption and bribery.
Buss' insurer defended the entire lawsuit on the premise that only the defamation count was potentially covered.