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DEFENDER, canon law. The name by which the defendant or respondent is known in the ecclesiastical courts.

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Five years later, the Chicago Defender began to attract a national audience.
JE MotorWorks,which is based in Siskin Drive near Coventry Airport, said the scale of the work commissioned to create the ARES Defender represents the most complete overhaul of the Defender yet.
The Defender Works V8 pays homage to the early high-powered engines in both the Series III Stage 1 V8 from 1979 and subsequent Defenders including the 50th Anni-versary Edition, which are sought after by enthusiasts and collectors today, a press release said.
The 5l naturally aspirated petrol V8 powertrain produced 405PS and 515Nm of torque (the standard Defender delivered 122PS and 360Nm).
Two years after Defender production stopped at Land Rover's Lode Lane factory in Solihull, the company has announced 150 specials will be produced by the newlycreated Jaguar Land Rover Classic division.
Badged 70th Edition the Defender Works V8 will be priced from PS150,000 and each is destined to become a collectors' item.
Two years after the last Defender in traditional Grasmere Green rolled off the production line at Solihull, the company have announced their plans to build a limited edition of 150 Defenders - the fastest and most powerful yet.
Just 150 Defender Works V8 models will be produced to celebrate Land Rover's 70th birthday this year and it will be a souped-up model with a difference.
PESHAWAR -- Dr Shoukat Club stunned Striking Defenders by 2-1 in a thrill-packed encounter of the Dr.
Further, the company mentioned that it will collaborate with DEFENDER to develop and deploy segmented direct marketing materials throughout DEFENDER's national footprint, provide onsite resources to work cohesively with DEFENDER's marketing team and manage the US Postal Service compliance for DEFENDER, for optimisation in the programme.
Ryan McManus, Marketing Director stated, “We chose the ISC West show as the first public demonstration for The Defender because it brings together security experts and vendors from all over the world.
Similarly, the clerks are charged with collecting public defender fees, not public defenders.