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TO DEFEND. To forbid. This word is used in some old English statutes in the sense it has in French, namely, to forbid. 5 Pic. 2, c. Lord Coke uses the word in this sense: it is defended by law to distrain on the highway." Co Litt. 160, b. 161 a. In an old work entitled, Legends, printed by Winkin de Worde, in 1527, fo. 96, we find examples of the use of the word in this sense, "He defended," (forbade) "to pay the wage," (tribute,) "for he said he was a king." "She wrote the obligation when she put her hand to the tree against the defence." (prohibition of God.)
     2. In pleading, to defend is to deny; and the effect of the word "defends" is, that the defendant denies the right of the plaintiff, or the force and wrong charged. Steph. Pl. 432.
     3. In contracts, to defend is to guaranty; to agree to indemnify. In most conveyances of land the grantor covenants to warrant and defend. It is his duty, then, to prevent all persons against whom he defends, from doing any act which would evict him; when there is a mortgage upon the land, and the mortgagee demands possession or payment of the covenantee, and threatens suit, this is a breach of the covenant to defend, and for quiet enjoyment. 17 Mass. R. 586.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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One of the most common findings in studies examining defending behavior is that girls appear to be more likely to defend than boys (Goossens, Olthof, & Dekker, 2006; Menesini et al., 2003; Rigby & Johnson, 2006; Salmivalli et al., 1996; Salmivalli et al., 1998; Salmivalli, Kaukiainen, Kaistaniemi, & Lagerspetz, 1999; Salmivalli, Kaukiainen, & Voeten, 2005; Salmivalli & Voeten, 2004; Sutton & Smith, 1999).
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Therefore, the insurers have the burden of defending Illinois Tool and raising the affirmative defense that the company was not in the business of manufacturing or distributing welding products before 1993 to prove that the company should not be liable for any injuries.
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