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TO DEFEND. To forbid. This word is used in some old English statutes in the sense it has in French, namely, to forbid. 5 Pic. 2, c. Lord Coke uses the word in this sense: it is defended by law to distrain on the highway." Co Litt. 160, b. 161 a. In an old work entitled, Legends, printed by Winkin de Worde, in 1527, fo. 96, we find examples of the use of the word in this sense, "He defended," (forbade) "to pay the wage," (tribute,) "for he said he was a king." "She wrote the obligation when she put her hand to the tree against the defence." (prohibition of God.)
     2. In pleading, to defend is to deny; and the effect of the word "defends" is, that the defendant denies the right of the plaintiff, or the force and wrong charged. Steph. Pl. 432.
     3. In contracts, to defend is to guaranty; to agree to indemnify. In most conveyances of land the grantor covenants to warrant and defend. It is his duty, then, to prevent all persons against whom he defends, from doing any act which would evict him; when there is a mortgage upon the land, and the mortgagee demands possession or payment of the covenantee, and threatens suit, this is a breach of the covenant to defend, and for quiet enjoyment. 17 Mass. R. 586.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(36) Some might imagine that if an attorney general defends the federal
According to Reuters, the head of Fannie Mae (FNMA.OB) has defended the use of taxpayer's money to legally defend former executives accused of fraud.
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[We put it] into the hands of the commander, just in time, and we figured we have to defend it."
1754-1757 At a meeting of colonial representatives in Albany, New York, Franklin calls for a "Plan of Union" to defend northern Colonies against the French, who are about to attack, and their Indian allies.
DIRECTIONS: On a separate piece of paper, defend or dispute the following statements.
SHREWSBURY'S Roddy Doran has been forced to abandon plans to defend the British Masters super-middleweight title after being told he no longer holds the title.
Trilling defends, for example, George Orwell's confrontation of political life, but dislikes Hemingway's later efforts to become what we would call politically correct, and he detests Theodore Dreiser's late conversion to Communism.
That was from June, when the 49-year-old unattached father of four launched an "experiment," asking women who had an interest in falling in love with him (and in coauthoring a book about the experience) to write in; he claims that two people can "learn to love each other." (On that basis, he defends arranged marriages in the piece.) In these days of reality TV, it was a pretty gimmicky project, bound to get attention--even though Epstein insists that "this isn't just a publicity stunt." The editor was soon sitting on CBS's The Early Shaw and giving interviews to the likes of USA Today.
Switch the screen at the point where X1 now guards Wing 2 and X2 defends the original penetrator, 1 (Diag.
The policy includes the following features: claims-made policy with limits up to $25 million; option for defense costs in addition to limit of liability; duty to defend with the insured having the right to assume the defense; no retention if insured defends, advancement of defense costs if insured defends; either/ or discovery option; and broad definitions of claim, loss, and insured.
In this self-reflexive and witty essay, he argues for Spenser's critique of what he calls "the logic of castration" through a revision of traditional discourse which defends or legitimates male dominance and desire.